How much does a Trampoline Cost and its Accessories

The first query we all have before buying a trampoline is that how much does it cost? A trampoline comes in various sizes and is available in different styles. It is great fun to have a trampoline in your yard.

The average cost of a trampoline is 350$ and varies as per the brand, size, and build quality. An 8-foot trampoline can be bought for 230$, 12 feet for 300$, and 14 feet for over 350$.

Average Cost of a Trampoline

The cost of a trampoline depends on various factors such as size, type, brand, and accessories bought. You can buy the cheapest trampoline for around 200$ and the biggest ones for over 800$.

Cost of a Trampoline by Size

The bigger the size, the greater will be the price. An 8 feet trampoline is the smallest and has an average price of 240$, 10 feet has an average price of 260$, 12 feet has an average price of 310$, 14 feet has an average price of 400$, 15 feet has an average price of 510$ and 16 feet has an average price of 630$.

As the trampoline size increases the weight limit also increase i.e, the larger size trampolines can hold more weight.

SizeUltra trampoline width (in m)Equivalent size (in ft)Average Price
Small2.70m8 ft (approx) 240$
Medium3.23 m10 ft (approx) 260$
Large3.78 m12 ft (approx) 310$
Extra Large4.36 m14 ft (approx) 400$

Cost of a Trampoline by Type

The trampoline comes in various types, out of all models, the round ones are the most popular. Apart from the round shapes, trampolines also come in rectangular, square, and in octagonal shapes.

Round trampolines come in different sizes and are less expensive than other models. They are also considerably safer than rectangular trampolines.

The round shape keeps you in the middle of the trampoline when you jump on them and this is the reason it is considered the best type for children and beginners.

Rectangular trampolines are considerably more expensive than round ones and are used by professionals. They are good for small spaces and are easy to move as compared to round ones. They have a sweet spot that gives you the most bounce off it.

Square trampolines are also more expensive than round types but a little less than rectangular ones. They are also great for beginners.

Trampoline TypesAverage Price

Cost of Trampoline by Brand

There are more than 30 trampolines brands which manufactures trampoline of various sizes and types. Out of these the most popular ones Skywalker, springfree, Vuly, Bounce Pro, Airzone, and CalmMax.

Trampoline BrandAverage PriceCheck on AMAZON
Skywalker350$Check Models
Skybound450$ Check Models
Vuly550$ Check Models
Springfree1800$ Check Models
CalmMax 380$ Check Models

Trampoline Accessories Cost

There are many accessories that are used along with a trampoline such as pads, lights, ladder, basketball hoop and safety net. The cost of different accessories varies as per the trampoline frame.

Trampoline AccessoriesAverage Price
Trampoline Replacement Pad Safety Spring Cover103$
Trampoline Ladder25$
Trampoline Lights & Music26$
Trampoline Basketball Hoop70$
Trampoline Replacement Safety Enclosure Net55$


The average price of trampolines is 350$ and varies as per type, size, brand and accessories included with the unit. For begginers an 8 foot trampoline can be bought from a well known brand for around 250$ but if you are looking for a more bouncier and larger size models you have to pay more.

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