How to put a Trampoline Mat on – 5 Steps Easy Guide

While assembling a new trampoline or replacing the mat of an existing trampoline if you are wondering the easy way to put the mat on, then this guide will help you to complete this task in a few steps.

To put the mat on the trampoline, place the mat in between the frame and attach four springs on the mat with the frame at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock position so that there is even tension. Then from the leftover spring positions attach every fourth spring by moving towards your left and finally others.

5 Steps Trampoline Mat Installation Guide

Follow the steps to easily install the trampoline mat.

Step 1: Place the mat between the Trampoline Frame

Unfold the mat and lay the trampoline on the inside of the frame. Make sure that the logo is on the upside of the mat which is the correct way to set the mat.

Step 2: Attach 4 springs initially

The mat has many v-shaped attachments and the trampoline frame has multiple holes for spring attachments. Start by attaching one spring with the mat and the frame anywhere. Then attach the second spring on the opposite end of the first attached spring.

Now attach the third spring at right angles to the first attached spring i.e, between the first and second attached spring. The fourth spring should be attached at the opposite side of the third attached spring.

This method makes it easy to attach springs and builds even tension.

Step 3: Attach Springs at every fourth hole

Attach springs at every fourth hole between the attached springs i.e. skip three springs in between and attach springs at every fourth position by moving towards your left. Complete the springs attachment all over the trampoline following this pattern.

Step 4: Attach the remaining Springs

Now attach the springs to the remaining empty positions and complete the spring attachment task.

Step 5: Place the safety Pad

The safety pad covers the trampoline springs and prevents injuries. Place the safety pad on the trampoline and tie the straps to fix it on the trampoline.

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