5 Steps to Turn a Trampoline into a Pool – DIY Guide

Turning a trampoline into a pool is an easy DIY process. Building a traditional pool is not only costly but also a more time taking process. Instead of it, you can turn your trampoline into a portable pool and be summer-ready.

To turn a trampoline into a pool you have to remove the safety net and mat. Use a large size tarp that can cover the whole trampoline and fix it by wrapping stretch tape around it. Fill water into the trampoline pool with a pump to about 3/4th level of it.

Things Required

In order to turn the trampoline into a pool, you will require the following things.

How to turn your trampoline into a pool?

Follow the step-by-step DIY guide to make a pool out of your trampoline.

Step 1. Removing The Net, Springs, Ladder, and Other Accessories

Start by removing all the accessories from the trampoline-like net, ladder, and additional accessories like tents, clubhouse, etc.

The net can be attached to the poles, you have to remove all the attachments. If there is a basketball hoop you have to remove it too.

Next is the turn to remove the ladder if it is attached to it, just untie the ladder and keep it in the box.

Now remove the safety pad by untying it from below the trampoline.

After this, you have to remove the springs from the frame. You should wear gloves to protect your hands from injuries as the spring may have developed rusting. With the help of the spring tool pull the spring hook at the mat end towards the trampoline center.

Remove all the trampoline springs one by one and then remove and fold the mat. You are now left with only the trampoline frame.

2. Dig & Make 40 inches Deep (Optional)

You can dig the ground and make it about 40 inches deep so that you can have water level till your chest height. You can do this in a part of the pool to have an option of more depth for adults.

3. Wrap with Saran Wrap

To make the trampoline frame steady wrap it with saran wrap. Move circularly by wrapping the wrap around the trampoline frame from the top to the bottom approximately 20-30 times evenly.

3. Lay a tarp layer under and over the trampoline

To stop it from growing you should layer a tarp under the trampoline. If you have the trampoline on a cemented surface then also this tarp layer will prevent it to scratch the surface.

Now Wrap the larger size tarp over the frame. This will form the floor of the pool as well as the wall of the pool. Make sure the edges are fully covered properly.

4. Warp the tape over the Trampoline

Again wrap the saran tape 20-30 times properly over the tarp on the outer wall of the pool. The wrap must be tightly wrapped around the outer wall over the tarp as the loose wrapping will allow the wall to get bulged out after the water is filled in the pool. You can also tie the Ratchet Straps(check on Amazon) to support the wall.

5. Fill the pool with water

Use the sprinkler pump to fill the pool with water. It will take around an hour or more to fill the pool depends on the flow speed of water from the pool pump.

Check out the detailed video.

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